Dyea WildLife Look Out

1.5 - 2 HR Tour

Every July through September, spawning fish make their way from the ocean and up the Taiya River, bringing with them all types of predators looking for a quick snack. 

On this evening tour we take you for a stunning ride along the Taiya Inlet, out towards the Dyea Flats, the mouth of the Taiya River and the historic Chilkoot Trail head. This area is well known for being a feeding ground for black bears, grizzly bears, seals, sea lions, bald eagles, golden eagles and many other types of birds who arrive with the spawning fish. As you keep your eyes open for wildlife our friendly guide will regale you with tales from the 1898 Gold Rush and the notorious characters who called Skagway home. 

Remember keep your eyes open for moose, mountain goats and fox pups in the overgrowth on the sides of the roads. With frequent stops to capture photos of the beautiful Alaskan scenery, an opportunity to learn some fantastic facts about the 1898 Gold rush and a chance and to look for wildlife, this tour has a little something for everyone!

This tour is beautiful all summer long, however chances for wildlife sightings increase from middle July through end of September when the Salmon are spawning in the Taiya River.

If you are coming between May through middle of July and are hoping for a chance to see wildlife, the Yukon Ho! and puppy village is your best option as the animals can often be seen grazing on the road side in Canada.

Keep in mind, we are looking for wild animals and unfortunately cannot guarantee where they will be at any given time as much as we wish we could!

No Passport? No Problem! This tours doesn't go up into Canada or across any international borders so you don't need any type of photo ID!

Adults $55.00
Children $40.00